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A few is­sues ago you had a work­shop on draw­ing a sci­ence fic­tion ver­sion of a cov­ered wagon with horses [is­sue 125 – Lorin Wood work­shop]. It was re­ally great and I en­joyed read­ing it. About half­way through it, I re­mem­bered some­thing I’d read in a Star Trek book eons ago.

As you may know, Gene Rod­den­berry’s first ex­pla­na­tion of the Star Trek space­ship was that it would be like a wagon trail to the stars. So the de­sign­ers work­ing on the ship de­sign started with a cov­ered wagon and horses. LONG be­fore com­put­ers, they drew on pa­per and made wooden mod­els.

One day, one of the wooden mod­els fell from where it was hang­ing. One of the de­sign­ers picked it up, but put it up­side down. He showed the idea to Gene, and with some small mod­i­fi­ca­tions, they had a ship de­sign. Fans know it to­day at the USS En­ter­prise.

Take a look at the work­shop, and imag­ine flip­ping the pic­tures up­side down. It’s there. Mac, via email

Claire replies Mac, what an in­ter­est­ing let­ter. We have some Star Trek afi­ciona­dos in the of­fice and they did not know this. Thanks for writ­ing in.

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