How can I paint fo­liage quickly in ArtRage?

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An­swer Nick replies

I use the Sticker Spray in ArtRage – a fab­u­lous tool, par­tic­u­larly if you make your own brush heads for it. While it seems a bit of a rig­ma­role at first, it’s well worth the ef­fort. I’ve made fo­liage brushes that have be­come very use­ful.

It’s a three stage process: a) paint a Sticker sheet; b) load the Sticker sheet; c) ad­just the set­tings. Easy, huh? So what is a Sticker sheet? It’s the im­age(s) which the tool sprays. It can com­prise a sin­gle im­age or mul­ti­ple im­ages (as we tackle here). At stage (b) it be­comes ob­vi­ous why the im­ages need to be ar­ranged in a grid – that’s how the Sticker Spray is built, to read the im­age. There are row and col­umn set­ting win­dows to in­put grid set­tings. Paint­ing mul­ti­ple dabs ac­cord­ing to a grid means you’ll be able to load them as a Sticker sheet.

I paint a sheet of nine 500px squares, on square can­vas. Load­ing the im­age will re­quire a three-row/three-col­umn set­ting. If I paint the nine dabs in a row, it re­quires a one-row/ninecol­umn set­ting. The tool ar­chi­tec­ture re­quires you paint the Sticker sheet in pure red – R255, G0, B0. I set the Sat­u­ra­tion to 100 per cent, but Lu­mi­nance to 50 per cent. Now for the real fun. Open the Sticker Brush set­tings and se­lect Spray Vari­a­tion…

If you’ve painted the im­ages for a Sticker sheet your­self, they are much more likely to sit well in any im­age you paint with other brushes.

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