Step-by-step: Three steps to a cus­tom Sticker brush

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1 Paint the marks you want to make up the Sticker brush into a grid for­ma­tion on one layer. Pure red marks will af­ford you more colour con­trol later. Paint marks left to right, or right to left, de­pend­ing on which way you want the sticker brush to flow. Ex­port the layer as a PNG to keep trans­parency in­for­ma­tion for the im­age.

2 Click the Stick­ers tab to open a pal­ette of all the Sticker sheets avail­able. Click New to open the Load pane. Click Colour and open your saved PNG file. Re­peat for a sec­ond layer. Click Tex­ture if you wish to load the same file for tex­ture. Pick Shadow (or not). Set rows and col­umns ap­pro­pri­ate for your sheet. Save with a suit­able name

3 Close all the pan­els and se­lect the Sticker Brush. Click Set­tings>Spray Vari­a­tion. Each grid square is a con­trol, like Pen Pres­sure/Scale, which you can drag from +100 to -100. Hue/ Trac­ing H 100 per cent gives more colour con­trol, if you used pure red in step 1. I use Sheet se­quence 100 per cent ran­dom; see what works for you.

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