Sam White

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Self-taught free­lance il­lus­tra­tor and con­cept artist Sam en­joys spend­ing his days on Twitch Cre­ative, stream­ing his art. He’s keep­ing busy work­ing on per­sonal project, Sol­stice, and tells us that his in­ter­ests and ex­pe­ri­ence lie firmly in fan­tasy il­lus­tra­tion, with a fo­cus on en­vi­ron­ment art and scenery.

“My work is in­spired by tra­di­tional medi­ums such as oil,” Sam ex­plains, “which I find strange be­cause I’ve never done any oil paint­ing!”


A Place of Solace “I love paint­ing land­scapes. Often, it doesn’t just come down to sim­ply paint­ing a cool­look­ing scene, but rather some­thing small that makes the piece stand by it­self and have more mean­ing. Early on, when I was learn­ing to paint land­scapes I never put in char­ac­ters. This was for no other rea­son than I thought a paint­ing – even an en­vi­ron­ment paint­ing – should be able to stand by it­self with­out some wan­der­ing stick sales­man.”

2 An Of­fer­ing for the Storms

“I don’t think I would have ended up mak­ing this paint­ing if it weren’t for a ter­ri­ble storm we ex­pe­ri­enced one night. I was out with a friend and there was this calm-be­fore-the-storm mo­ment. I looked up to the clouds and they were a teal green – un­like any­thing I’d ever seen. That im­age of those stormy clouds stuck with me for weeks, un­til I fi­nally de­cided to paint this im­age.”


Hearth­fire “This is what hap­pens if you go with your gut and stray from the orig­i­nal de­sign. This was also a piece where I used some pho­to­bash­ing as a base to work up the tex­tures. I don’t like pho­tos to be no­tice­able, so I use them more to get a gen­eral out­line and some colours, be­fore paint­ing over them to get that painterly feel I love so much.”

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