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Even tells us more about land­ing his dream job at the Cana­dian vis­ual de­vel­op­ment studio “I think my great­est ca­reer mile­stone,” Even Mehl Amund­sen says, “at least in terms of how dif­fer­ent life was be­fore and af­ter, was pass­ing the art test for my first in-house job at Volta Stu­dios in Canada.”

Even had just dropped out of Fal­mouth School of Art and was look­ing for free­lanc­ing jobs in Nor­way. A friend said he knew of a job go­ing in Que­bec. “I had barely any no­tion of where in Canada it was,” he says, “but I buck­led down and took on their art test, work­ing at it all sum­mer.

“The test was to do a char­ac­ter, go­ing through the usual feed­back sys­tem that most stu­dios use, and af­ter it was done, to do an en­vi­ron­ment to put that char­ac­ter in. The brief called for a mod­ern, Asian as­sas­sin, us­ing an old-school weapon.”

The fin­ished piece is a kind of ur­ban ninja, dressed in a zipup coat and com­bat pants, wield­ing a cou­ple of swords. The back­drop was a nar­row, clut­tered street strung with Chinese lanterns. “For the en­vi­ron­ment, I worked off of a 3D mock-up that Volta pro­vided. That was a far greater chal­lenge. I had to learn how to do pho­to­bash­ing and stuff like that. It some­what ce­mented my dis­like of that process.”

It took Volta a week and a half – a week and a half of “dread” – to get back to him. “I was vis­it­ing a friend when I re­ceived the con­fir­ma­tion.” Cue the cel­e­bra­tions. Even re­mem­bers it as “a very good day.”

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