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The guy starts talk­ing about Val­halla and Odin, so the work­shop is done, right? Well, no. The in­dus­try re­al­ity is that a client, your art direc­tor or who­ever some­times needs to change things. In the mid­dle of the process or some­times near the end, cor­rec­tions are needed, so the con­cept art bet­ter fits their new re­quire­ments. This is nor­mal, it hap­pens, and you should be able to an­swer the call and be able to do quick ad­just­ments. In this case, we de­cide that a clearer back­ground would work bet­ter for the fi­nal cover lay­out. As time is against us, I grab an early screen­shot from the game and put it in the back­ground. I use the Lasso Tool with one per cent feather to cut my fore- and mid­dle ground out, and start paint­ing on it again for it to fit the new mood. Fi­nally, I use Color Bal­ance and Lev­els to make it all come to­gether. Did I al­ready say Odin owns you all?

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