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In­dian chiefs, gun-tot­ing rhi­nos, el­ven queens, uni­corns, an­gels, a boss bat­tle and more.

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Free­lance fan­tasy il­lus­tra­tor Luisa loves char­ac­ter-driven art. She works mainly on book cov­ers, games and comics, and al­ways tries to con­vey emo­tions that al­lude to a larger story in her art.

“Watch­ing Sailor Moon as a child made me start draw­ing early on,” the Ger­man artist re­veals, “while in my teens dig­i­tal il­lus­tra­tion opened up a whole new world of pos­si­bil­i­ties for me. It en­abled me to grow con­fi­dent with colours, light­ing and at­mos­phere – my favourite things to paint.”

In her free time Luisa en­joys read­ing ur­ban fan­tasy nov­els, trav­el­ling to Italy and test­ing out de­li­cious new recipes in the kitchen.


Sea Cir­cus “This was done for Jon Schin­de­hette’s ArtOrder chal­lenge, the task be­ing to cre­ate a wa­ter-themed wrap­around cover for a mag­a­zine. It only placed sec­ond but I still love the idea of an un­der­wa­ter cir­cus. I en­joyed de­sign­ing the mer­maid as a cir­cus ma­gi­cian and was sat­is­fied that the com­po­si­tion works as an up­right sin­gle page (the right-hand side) and as a full land­scape-for­mat im­age.” 1

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El ven Queen “This is one of my rare per­sonal pieces, in which I col­lab­o­rated with Klaus Scher­win­ski. I started with an el­ven queen sit­ting on her throne but even at the thumb­nail stage it was look­ing too generic. Hav­ing her shot with an ar­row adds a nice, if tragic, twist to the piece.”


Cy­ber Tracker “Mov­ing from fan­tasy to science fic­tion was a chal­lenge for me, but it was fun to delve into some­thing com­pletely new and com­bine un­usual tech el­e­ments with hu­man skin, and then add a back­ground to give the char­ac­ter a sense of story.” 2

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