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…but don’t over­work the paint­ing at this stage. This is still the sketch­ing phase, so I con­tinue work­ing loose and ex­per­i­ment­ing with some el­e­ments. I use the Undo func­tion a lot, look­ing for that per­fect stroke. I add a bit more de­tails to parts of the por­trait that are fo­cal points – the face and beard – and leave the rest up to the imag­i­na­tion of the viewer (his hat and coat). I al­ways imag­ine a ver­ti­cal line go­ing through the fo­cal point and place all the de­tail­ing there, while I leave the edges rough and un­fin­ished. Re­mem­ber, the paint­ing is fin­ished when you de­cide it’s fin­ished. Dur­ing this greyscale stage I try to bal­ance all the el­e­ments, so the colour­ing later on will be eas­ier.

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