Merg­ing and lay­ers man­age­ment

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To keep your lay­ers or­gan­ised, cre­ate fold­ers for the lay­ers and sort them ac­cord­ingly. If you sub­se­quently want to com­bine the se­lected lay­ers to do a fil­ter or tonal ad­just­ment over­pass in De­but, just right-click when you’ve se­lected the lay­ers and choose Com­bine Se­lected Layer. Merg­ing the vis­i­ble lay­ers in­clude the Pa­per as well. The afore­men­tioned step isn’t ad­vis­able if you want your lay­ers sep­a­rated.

You can merge every­thing via Merge Lay­ers, or merge vis­i­ble lay­ers with Ctrl /Cmd+Shift+E. Sort and man­age your lay­ers by plac­ing them into fold­ers.

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