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Con­cept art is not just about the epic, or its beau­ti­ful ex­e­cu­tion. It’s art­work that grows out of a de­sign process, well rooted in an idea that sup­ports the story. The pri­or­ity of con­cept can be iden­ti­fied thus: needs and wants. What the story needs has to be con­cep­tu­alised first. The artist then pro­vide his de­sign wants that fo­cus and sup­port the story.

RIGHT: The con­cept/idea need for this image is to de­sign an Asian fairy and her mag­i­cal en­vi­ron­ment. A sec­ond char­ac­ter is a de­sign want, to ex­em­plify the scale and di­men­sion. The de­sign choice of the sec­ondary char­ac­ter cre­ates a re­la­tional affin­ity and fa­mil­iar­ity be­tween the two.

LEFT: The story is based on the an­cient Chi­nese le­gend about Hua Mu­lan who once saved their king­dom from a Mon­gol threat. The need is a sce­nario when she puts on ar­mour for the first time while in deep con­tem­pla­tion. The over­all de­sign ex­e­cu­tion was part of the de­sign wants, based on re­search.

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