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Re­search breeds au­then­tic­ity in the de­sign evo­lu­tion, from con­cept to the fi­nal prod­uct. Sim­i­lar to the old adage about know­ing the rules first be­fore one can break them, I have to learn what’s real be­fore I can de­sign, or re­design, an ob­ject or en­vi­ron­ment. Re­search gives a vi­sion of func­tion­al­ity. What makes it dy­namic is when I start sketch­ing and cre­at­ing thumb­nails while do­ing re­search. This keeps me from get­ting bogged down in ref­er­ence ma­te­rial. I trust my artis­tic in­stincts when I hit a de­sign tar­get from ref­er­ence ma­te­ri­als, and I stop look­ing for more and start sketch­ing. My ap­proach to­wards de­sign im­proved by do­ing this.

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