Bala nce in a scene

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Imag­ine the sub­ject as the pivot of a hor­i­zon­tal lever. Now re­mem­ber, all other el­e­ments that will be drawn on the can­vas will have “weights” that are based on their shapes, sizes and value. Bal­ance will be at­tained if these el­e­ments are staged on both sides of the pivot, with­out hav­ing the lever tilt on ei­ther side. The ex­am­ple above is bal­anced, with the closer tram on the left equalled by the lamp post and more-dis­tant tram.

By us­ing the less-is-more ap­proach method, the de­signer leaves room for the viewer to fill in the miss­ing de­tails

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