Fi­nal ren­der­ing with ma­te­ri­als

ImagineFX - - In Depth Sculpt In Zbrush -

I play with ma­te­ri­als to help en­hance my fi­nal pre­sen­ta­tion. I se­lect one SubTool to have a cer­tain ma­te­rial . Then I se­lect the spe­cific ma­te­rial I want for that ob­ject. Now I press the M icon near the top of the in­ter­face, then I se­lect the Fill Ob­ject op­tion in the Color menu. You can have a dif­fer­ent ma­te­rial for each SubTool this way. Once done, I click BPR (Best Pre­view Ren­der) to prep image for ex­port. To ex­port the image, I go to Doc­u­ment>Ex­port and se­lect PSD.

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Re­fin­ing the alien char­ac­ter and en­hanc­ing the cos­tume.

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