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Lo­ca­tion: Eng­land Web: www.joe­war­ Email: con­tact@joe­war­ Me­dia: Acrylics Joe is a Fal­mouth Col­lege of Art grad­u­ate with a pas­sion for fan­tasy and fig­u­ra­tive art. “I’m drawn to­wards fan­tasy with plau­si­bil­ity, as well as a hand-made qual­ity of paint­ing, which I feel lends it­self well to the me­dieval fan­tasy genre," he says.

Joe’s medium of choice is acrylics, and he has a well-honed tech­nique. “I work fairly small and pre­fer a smooth wa­ter­colour pa­per sur­face," he ex­plains. “I usu­ally be­gin with an un­primed pen­cil draw­ing, ini­tially us­ing thin washes. I find the quick dry­ing time of acrylic lends it­self to glaz­ing and scum­bling, pro­vid­ing quite a bit of ver­sa­til­ity.”

2 A Goblin Cl an

“All too of­ten when draw­ing heads like these, it later dawns on me that one or more of them un­in­ten­tion­ally re­sem­bles some­one I know! With fan­tasy il­lus­tra­tion there’s a sweet spot be­tween ar­che­typal and re­al­is­tic ren­di­tions of char­ac­ters that’s of­ten hard to pin down.”

3 For­est El f

“When paint­ing a char­ac­ter against a back­ground, I of­ten re­turn to a ‘light against dark/dark against light’ ap­proach. When push comes to shove I’m usu­ally more con­cerned with en­sur­ing that an image will re­pro­duce ro­bustly than I am with achiev­ing sub­tle shifts be­tween el­e­ments.”

1 An­cient with Staff

“My at­tempt at a Mys­tic char­ac­ter from the film The Dark Crys­tal. I like the rough, mot­tled ap­pear­ance of lichen on stone. The win­dow where I work looks out on to a ceme­tery, so per­haps the old head­stones are creep­ing into my paint­ing here.”

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