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Cabi­net of cu­riosi­ties This Dutch artist is try­ing to cram a mu­seum into a con­verted bed­room stu­dio. Find out why…

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One of the best things about my stu­dio is that it’s got a door! I can step into it in the morn­ing… and close the door be­hind me when I’m done in the evening. It’s my sanc­tu­ary.

But it’s small and get­ting too small, so I’m in­vad­ing ev­ery other room in the house. My stash of ship­ping sup­plies, frames, boxes of sketches and photo stu­dio setup has taken over the at­tic, while my silk-screen area has moved into the small­est bed­room in the house, and the bath­room is where I mount wa­ter­colour pa­per to board, wash my silkscreens and gen­er­ally use as my room for nasty ex­per­i­ments.

My dig­i­tal setup is on one side of the room, and op­po­site this is my pride and joy: an an­tique ar­chi­tect’s draft­ing ta­ble, which is over 100 years old. I can put it in an an­gle, but I pre­fer it flat be­cause I love to spread out my sketches, ma­te­ri­als and books when I’m work­ing. Fur­ther­more, I tend to work on dif­fer­ent tasks each day, so I like things to be close at hand, switch­ing be­tween projects as the day pro­gresses.

Some­times my easel is set up in the room as well and I’ll work on oil paint­ings be­tween client work. I like to work on dif­fer­ent things at once; I find it keeps my mind fresh. When I hit a road­block with one project I’ll put it to one side and work on the next one, while my sub­con­scious comes up with ideas to solve the prob­lems I’m fac­ing with the first task.

I usu­ally get up at around 6am and start work at around 7.30am. I’ll put on an au­dio­book, check up on some emails and then do some warm-up sketches. I try to do all the bor­ing, busi­ness stuff be­fore 10am,

and then it’s full-on art! I have a lit­tle dig­i­tal clock that goes off ev­ery hour, which lets me know that it’s time to take a break and make a cup of tea.

I’ve got loads of books in my stu­dio as well as art that I’ve col­lected over the years. It’s nice to have all of this close at hand – it’s my emer­gency in­spi­ra­tion boost! Iris en­joys work­ing on projects rang­ing from pic­ture books to gallery art and even sculpts her own frames. Cre­at­ing a “sense of won­der” is at the core of her work, which you can see by vis­it­ing www.ey­e­

I do have a bit of a sketch­book ad­dic­tion – I buy them in bulk. And there are stashes of new books ev­ery­where! The space be­tween my dig­i­tal and tra­di­tional set­ups isn’t big, so I can eas­ily switch be­tween them. If you have a small stu­dio like this then you have to be cre­ative. I bought a Yiynova tablet rather than an Cin­tiq. It’s the ideal al­ter­na­tive to Wa­com’s de­vice if you need to paint dig­i­tally, but don’t want to spend lots of money. Here’s my fully func­tional ar­chi­tect’s draft­ing ta­ble. I usu­ally keep it flat: the large work­ing area leaves room for my art and my cats. I love this chest of draw­ers, which my mother sal­vaged from an old school. I put wheels on it and use it to store my smaller sup­plies. I place my paints on when I’m us­ing oils, and my easel will be next to it.

I col­lect items to use as props in paint­ings or to turn into works of art. This old porce­lain doll is set to be­come a weird busi­ness card holder.

I like to take old porce­lain dolls and turn them into some­thing else. This is my oc­to­b­aby and it’s a work in progress, but for now it keeps a watch­ful eye on me… and freaks out any­one who visit my stu­dio! I try to find elab­o­rate frames ev­ery­where I go. I al­ways in­tend to use them for a piece of art, but end up keep­ing them my­self be­cause I love the tacky gold frames. Oh, and that’s Edgar – he’s my stu­dio crow. This is my cat Hyde. He and his brother Jekyll will al­ways stay by my side when I’m work­ing in the stu­dio. They like noth­ing bet­ter than to be right in the midst of the ac­tion… prefer­ably right on top of a freshly painted image! These mugs were bought at an an­tiques mar­ket in Bruges. The skull-shaped mug is used for clean­ing my brushes (when I’m not us­ing my tea mug) and the doll head is ac­tu­ally a flower pot. I have art by artists I ad­mire in my stu­dio, bought or gifted to me. They are my trea­sures. The all-im­por­tant ket­tle. I can’t live with­out it. I need my tea next to me…

Just a small part of my col­lec­tion of odd­i­ties. Since my stu­dio is small, a lot of it is in the liv­ing room and I tend to bring stuff up to my work space to use in my paint­ings. I love look­ing at things like this to fire up the imag­i­na­tion. The lit­tle ray is the new­est ad­di­tion to the freak show and it’s per­fect for when I’m work­ing on mer­maids.

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