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Purely Pro­fes­sional Is this the best-look­ing, best-per­form­ing and most amaz­ing tablet ever? And if so, is it worth the huge price tag?

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Af­ter a few false starts into the tablet PC mar­ket, Wa­com has fi­nally achieved its goal and re­leased a new tablet that’s the an­swer to a lot of artists’ prayers. The Mo­bileS­tu­dio Pro is a fan­tas­tic piece of kit that of­fers a por­ta­ble draw­ing de­vice with very few draw­backs.

The tablet is re­as­sur­ingly sturdy, yet light enough to sit on your lap or be car­ried around in your back­pack eas­ily. It runs Win­dows 10 and desk­top pro­grams such as Pho­to­shop very smoothly. Even when us­ing de­mand­ing 3D pro­grams, the Mo­bileS­tu­dio Pro’s fan noise is sig­nif­i­cantly less than pre­vi­ous Wa­com of­fer­ings. At the very worst, the de­vice is no louder than an ex­ter­nal hard drive.

The screen qual­ity is amaz­ing, with QHD res­o­lu­tion on the 13-inch model and 4K res­o­lu­tion on the 16-inch. It has six Ex­pressKeys and a touch ring, and three USB-C ports that en­able charg­ing from any port. The screen does be­come a lit­tle warm, but it’s not go­ing to cook your lap, and the fans are po­si­tioned well in both por­trait and land­scape mode. The SD card slot is great, not only for trans­fer­ring files across, but also for adding in­creased stor­age ca­pac­ity.

The Wa­com Pro Pen 2 is a thing of beauty. The lev­els of pres­sure sen­si­tiv­ity are stag­ger­ing: an un­prece­dented 8,192 lev­els of sen­si­tiv­ity. The screen is so thin that par­al­lax isn’t an is­sue and pen lag is vir­tu­ally nonex­is­tent. If all this weren’t enough, the pen never re­quires charg­ing. We can hon­estly say there’s not a sty­lus on the mar­ket that can ad­e­quately ri­val the Pro Pen 2.

How­ever, the de­vice is not with­out its mi­nor faults. The speak­ers are func­tional, but lack­lus­tre. The bat­tery life is pur­ported to be six hours, but af­ter con­tin­u­ous use it’s real­is­ti­cally some­where around four hours. A fur­ther nig­gle is that in the UK you have to buy an adap­tor for the two-pin power plug supplied. Con­sid­er­ing the

hefty cost you’re al­ready pay­ing, this feels a tad egre­gious.

This small ex­am­ple links to our big­gest gripe about the Mo­bileS­tu­dio Pro, and Wa­com’s hard­ware gen­er­ally. While truly the best qual­ity prod­ucts avail­able, they’re al­ways ex­ces­sively ex­pen­sive and don’t in­clude ev­ery­thing you may need. For ex­am­ple, the Mo­bileS­tu­dio Pro has no USB ports, so the Wa­com Link (around £60) is nec­es­sary if you want to use the Mo­bileS­tu­dio Pro as a Cin­tiq mon­i­tor and your Mac/PC doesn’t have a USB-C port, but this has to be pur­chased sep­a­rately. Sim­i­larly, no stand is pro­vided, and no pro­tec­tive carry case in­cluded.

For pricey kit that’s in­tended to be car­ried in back­packs, the ab­sence of such items is un­for­giv­able. But of course – you’ve guessed it – you can pur­chase them ad­di­tion­ally. The Mo­bileS­tu­dio Pro is lovely to use, but we wish Wa­com would of­fer a com­plete pack­age for its high cost.

The Wa­com Pro Pen 2 is a thing of beauty. We can hon­estly say there’s not a sty­lus on the mar­ket that can ri­val it

With six dif­fer­ent mod­els to choose from, all ca­pa­ble of run­ning desk­top soft­ware, the Mo­bileS­tu­dio Pro is a de­signer’s dream.

The sen­si­tiv­ity of the Pro Pen 2 has to be seen to be be­lieved. Even the light­est stroke will be picked up.

The power slider is de­signed so that you will never ac­ci­den­tally turn the Mo­bileS­tu­dio Pro on while car­ry­ing it around.

The Ra­dial dial and Ex­pressKeys are all pro­gram­mable so you can tai­lor them to your work­flow. All three USB-C slots work for charg­ing the unit, so you won’t have to switch ca­bles around when you need to charge the tablet. As well as trans­fer­ring files, the SD slot also en­ables you to ex­pand the stor­age op­tions on the Mo­bileS­tu­dio Pro. Se­lect mod­els in­clude the 3D RealSense cam­era that means you can scan an ob­ject into, say, ZBrush and re­fine it from there.

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