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Value is the light­ness or dark­ness of a colour. Ev­ery colour has a cor­re­spond­ing value and that light­ness or dark­ness de­pends on the amount of light­ing ap­plied to the colour. The three im­por­tant rules of value are: a) it con­trols fo­cal points – usu­ally the bright­est area, the high­est con­trast, or when a pre­dom­i­nant value en­closes an op­po­site value; b) value gives the il­lu­sion of three-di­men­sional form, when it shows the sur­face be­ing hit by light and the sur­face un­der the shad­ows; c) value cre­ates the il­lu­sion of depth (al­ter­ing the range of dark and light cre­ates dis­tance).

The per­cep­tion of mood or emo­tion of the story be­ing told in the can­vas is es­tab­lished by the ap­plied light­ing trans­lated into val­ues. The suc­cess of colour com­po­si­tion de­pends on the value com­po­si­tion.

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