Scene set­ting

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Dis­tort­ing re­al­ity

One im­per­a­tive as­pect of this image was the sense that re­al­ity was be­ing dis­torted by the faerie. Brent and I looked at sev­eral op­tions be­fore go­ing with the Ra­dial Blur fil­ter (with Zoom on). I ap­plied it to the outer edges, then painted over the fil­ter to blend it in.

Tex­ture vari­a­tions

I used pho­tographs of speck­les on Soft Light and Over­lay modes to add ran­dom vari­a­tion to the back­ground. I also used cus­tom brushes to spice up the paint­ing’s tex­ture.

A sense of mo­tion

I used the Queen’s hair and dress to add mo­tion to the pic­ture. Their spi­ral shape also cen­tres on the Queen’s face, which helps to em­pha­sise it as the fo­cal point of the image.

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