14 Cre­at­ing the fi­nal turntable

ImagineFX - - In Depth Refine Your 3d Character -

It’s time to cre­ate a turntable to show how the char­ac­ter ex­ists in three di­men­sions. To do this I go to Movie>Turntable, and choose Doc>Large, be­fore press­ing Turntable. I need to make sure the char­ac­ter is prop­erly placed in the mid­dle of the project, oth­er­wise the fig­ure won’t turn prop­erly. The sim­plest way to do this is to merge all Subtools into one Subtool, be­fore sav­ing this un­der a new name. Then I can use the Move tool to re­po­si­tion the char­ac­ter in the cen­tre po­si­tion. I turn on the Floor find the cen­tre point. This process is only needed when the char­ac­ter in an off-axis. Once I like the turntable, I hit Ex­port.

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