4 Con­trol a layer’s de­gree of wet­ness

ImagineFX - - Core Skills Rebelle -

Wet the whole layer to sim­u­late the wet-into-wet tech­nique, as used in clas­sic water­colour tech­niques. Fast Dry stops the flow of colour and wa­ter, but the wet parts stay wet, while Dry the Layer dries ev­ery­thing. You can con­trol which parts of the can­vas are wet by press­ing H (Show Wet). When you switch lay­ers, the layer mode will change to Fast Dry.

To achieve this ef­fect, use Fast Dry re­peat­edly while paint­ing. This is how colour runs dif­fer­ently on wet and dry sur­faces.

Pause the spread of wa­ter You can pause Wa­ter Flow to give you more time to think about your next step. Show Wet. Wet the Layer. Dry the Layer. Fast Dry.

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