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1 Visual nar­ra­tive clues

The­myscira is a highly evolved, civilised par­adise, so mak­ing the shel­ter be­hind the queen’s ta­ble so crude is an im­me­di­ate give­away that this isn’t the real The­myscira, in­stead some­place more bar­baric.

2 A doubt­ing Steve

Won­der Woman’s love in­ter­est Steve Trevor feels doubt. He’s the only mor­tal male to have vis­ited The­myscira, knows this isn’t it, but isn’t sure how to break it to Diana. I put burger and fries in front of him – a cyn­i­cal slight. Th­ese Ama­zons don’t like men!

3 Cre­at­ing at­mos­phere

I want to achieve a scene of a bustling, be­liev­able feast in a medieval-type set­ting. Heaps of food on crude ta­bles hid­den by lay­ers of ma­te­rial, hastily erected shel­ters. The town is empty as ev­ery­body gath­ers in the square. A scav­eng­ing dog, a mouse…

4 More signs and clues

The sword has a horned skull mo­tif that sug­gests pos­si­ble in­volve­ment from Ares, the god of war, and Diana’s neme­sis. Weapons wouldn’t or­di­nar­ily be on dis­play in The­myscira, but here there are shields, spears, and even a tri­dent.

5 A sense of tex­ture

I pri­mar­ily use brush and ink (and a small amount of pen). I like to cre­ate a sense of tex­ture, sug­gest­ing the var­i­ous ma­te­ri­als and sur­faces as well as am­bi­ent depth – cre­ated by us­ing finer lines in the dis­tance.

6 A sur­prise in­clu­sion

It’s quite com­mon to have pea­cocks parad­ing around fan­tasy en­vi­ron­ments be­cause they sug­gest splen­dour. But I wanted to draw the anti-pea­cock and im­me­di­ately thought of a dodo! The fact the dodo is also ex­tinct is an­other visual clue that things might not be what they ini­tially seem.

7 What’s miss­ing?

The­myscira it­self is shown here as a tum­ble-down medieval-type city, not the pro­gres­sive par­adise it’s gen­er­ally thought to be. There’s no sign that its denizens are in any way in­no­va­tive, mod­ern builders in a pro­gres­sive, civilised so­ci­ety.

8 An­other dis­crep­ancy

Hip­polyta is the queen of the Ama­zons, and Diana’s mother. We had, back in Year One, es­tab­lished her as raven­haired and Mediter­ranean in her looks. But here she ap­pears blonde and based on an al­ter­na­tive it­er­a­tion from the New 52 Won­der Woman se­ries of re­cent years.

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