Colour & light­ing

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1 Light source

This globe is the pri­mary and only light source. I choose a bright yel­low light with a lim­ited range, to con­cen­trate the visual en­ergy on to the main char­ac­ters.

2 Adding nar­ra­tive

Steve is an out­sider, a point driven home by his mil­i­tary-green shirt. The ac­tual colour is much closer to golden brown – it’s only be­cause of the sur­round­ing colour scheme that it ap­pears to look green.

3 Dead as a…

I laughed when I saw the dodo, but I also un­der­stood its sig­nif­i­cance as a clue that this isn’t the real The­myscira. I do some dodo re­search be­fore colour­ing and use a thin, yel­low high­light along its body to keep it from get­ting com­pletely lost in shadow.

4 A sense of per­spec­tive

There’s great depth of field, and colour can put it into per­spec­tive. I choose the fo­cal point, em­pha­sise it with the most con­trast in hue or value, and al­low planes to ‘re­cede’ by cool­ing colours and re­duc­ing de­tails.

5 Hold the de­tail

It would be very easy for a colourist to get lost in ren­der­ing ev­ery lit­tle face and hand. How­ever, too much colour de­tail would con­fuse the over­all com­po­si­tion, so I keep the smaller fig­ures in al­most flat colour.

6 Play with emo­tions

The emo­tion has changed sig­nif­i­cantly from panel two to panel three, so I ac­cen­tu­ate Hip­polyta’s scowl and shadow Diana’s face to sug­gest she’s still in the dark about what’s hap­pen­ing.

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