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While it’s not pos­si­ble to show sound in a con­ven­tional, still im­age (mul­ti­me­dia in­ter­ac­tiv­ity aside), you can im­ply it in the re­ac­tions by char­ac­ters and ob­jects in a scene. Im­pacts throw up par­ti­cles and cause vi­bra­tion, for ex­am­ple.

With that in mind I’ll tackle a tolling church bell, from a high eye level. That en­ables me to show de­tails you wouldn’t be able to see if view­ing the same thing from ground level. I can show small things that might be shak­ing, vi­brat­ing or even dis­lodged.

I can also add hu­mour, such as gar­goyles cov­er­ing their ears. Ma­sons work­ing on such things were known to in­clude hu­mour in their carv­ing, but here our crit­ters may be more alive than stone. You could also have alarmed pi­geons tak­ing flight, roof tiles slid­ing about and other fix­tures sway­ing. Yet the key to the scene for me are the gar­goyles. I use Sketch­Book Pro to sketch out a bel­fry and bell, be­cause it has a de­cent per­spec­tive rig, Ruler and El­lipse tools.

Take the time to cre­ate cus­tom brushes for items such as ropes, chains and scales. How­ever, don’t just use them straight. Tweak their ap­pli­ca­tion for par­tic­u­lar scenes.

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