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Car­men replies

Smoke can take on many forms. A camp­fire’s light, hazy smoke is dif­fer­ent from the thick smoke of a fac­tory smoke­stack. Smoke has mass and ex­erts force on the air around it, mean­ing dif­fer­ent sources of smoke may not blend to­gether smoothly. By notic­ing how the smoke is mov­ing and mix­ing, I’ll be able to cre­ate a more re­al­is­tic ef­fect.

When I’m block­ing in my shapes, I think about the den­sity of the smoke. Thin smoke will have softer edges, while thick smoke will have more dis­tinct shapes and flow. Since I have cho­sen a fairly dense smoke, there will be ar­eas of over­lap and ar­eas of mix­ing, with harder edges at the source that soften as they rise away from the mask. I have to be care­ful to avoid long, curl­ing lines, be­cause th­ese will give my paint­ing a flat feel.

When I’m ready to fi­nalise my paint­ing, I comb over the area to push and pull con­trast, paint over my photo tex­ture, and ad­just colours as needed to pull the im­age to­gether.

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