Phil Gal­loway

This artist com­pares the ben­e­fits of tra­di­tional and dig­i­tal medi­ums

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What are your favourite new fea­tures in ArtRage 5?

The new Pen­cil tool is prov­ing use­ful and I’ve just com­pleted a full piece us­ing only the Pen­cil and Wa­ter­color tools. The new in­ter­face is smoother, has more op­tions for per­son­al­i­sa­tion and is more user-friendly, yet man­ages to feel like a pro­fes­sional tool.

The abil­ity to be able to ex­port to Pho­to­shop is a god­send – the new ver­sion makes this even eas­ier and swifter to utilise. I’m sure the Cus­tom brush tool could sneak into my favourites list, though, as I play more with it in the com­ing months.

What would you like to see in the next ver­sion of ArtRage?

Com­ing from a more tra­di­tional back­ground in fine art I’m all about the tex­tures, the mal­leable qualities of paint and pas­tels and their in­ter­play with each other. So I’d love to see more con­trol over the dig­i­tal medium’s traits on the can­vas, such as thick im­pasto paint you could push and smear with your thumb, through to drib­bling washes and but­tery pas­tels that drip or flake down the can­vas as you tilt it. I’m still on the search for an art app or pro­gram that can recre­ate the crumbly be­hav­iour of char­coals, too.

Would you ever switch com­pletely to dig­i­tal me­dia?

This is a ques­tion I wran­gle with on a daily ba­sis. The main body of my work is dig­i­tal and I love the free­dom to ex­per­i­ment with­out fear of wast­ing paper or paint. How­ever, I don’t feel I could turn my back on tra­di­tional art me­dia: there’s no dig­i­tal sub­sti­tute for the smell of paint, the feel of char­coal on your hands and smudg­ing a putty rub­ber around a sheet of nice paper!

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