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I agree with Darren [a let­ter in is­sue 145 re­gard­ing Imag­ineFX’s size of text]. Sadly, for me, the pages work in strong nat­u­ral light, but any­thing else is too much trou­ble. And be­cause 99 per cent of my read­ing isn’t in strong nat­u­ral light I’m re­duced to look­ing at the pic­tures rather than read­ing the ar­ti­cles. Due to your font choice, back­ground im­ages and colours, ar­ti­cles such as Iris Com­piet’s Artist in Res­i­dence are un­read­able. I would love to con­tinue to read the magazine and I was glad to dis­cover I wasn’t the only per­son chal­lenged in this way. If you could do some­thing to im­prove things, that would be great! Eric, via email

Claire replies I’m sorry to hear you also had trou­ble read­ing the magazine, Eric. Since Darren con­tacted us, we’ve had a look at some of text de­sign choices and de­cided to change some of the fonts and text sizes. I think the magazine is much im­proved be­cause of it. I hope that you agree. If any­one has com­ments, please get in touch.

Imag­ineFX has had some de­sign tweaks re­cently in­tended to make the magazine eas­ier to read.

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