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I have a ques­tion and un­for­tu­nately no one is able to give me a proper an­swer. So here goes. I’m just start­ing out in this form of art (I started draw­ing 10 months ago, work­ing in Pho­to­shop four months ago) and I’m try­ing to track down some con­ven­tions where I can meet up with some se­nior or ex­pe­ri­enced dig­i­tal artists, ei­ther in France or the UK. Do you know any of them? Or is there a web­site where I can find the lo­ca­tion of such con­ven­tions?

Thank you very much and good job on the magazine! Hugo Be­nard, via email

Claire replies Hugo, I re­ally en­joyed the In­dus­try Work­shops ( www.

in­dus­try­work­ event in Lon­don last year, so I would keep an eye out for them this year. There’s also IFCC ( http://ifcc-croa­ –a great art fes­ti­val in Croa­tia in May, and Tro­jan Horse Was A Uni­corn ( https://tro­jan-uni­, in Por­tu­gal in Septem­ber. These events will give you ac­cess to pro artists, like­minded event go­ers and in­spi­ra­tion by the truck load. Good luck!

Lon­don’s In­dus­try Work­shops is great for meet­ing fel­low artists.

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