Step-by-step: Us­ing Smart lay­ers to quickly add de­sign el­e­ments

ImagineFX - - Imaginenation Artist Q&a -

1I start by de­vel­op­ing a re­peat­ing el­e­ment in a sep­a­rate PSD file on a trans­par­ent back­ground. This piece will be placed in a way that will spoke out­ward around the fig­ure’s head in a cir­cle, so I de­sign a ta­pered ver­ti­cal im­age with that in mind.

2In my main file, I create a new folder specif­i­cally for these el­e­ments. I then create a new layer, and select Con­vert to Smart Ob­ject. I right- click the layer and choose Re­place Con­tents to select the de­sign PSD. I can now move the im­age into po­si­tion.

3After the de­sign el­e­ments are in place, I ap­ply a layer mask to the folder that holds all of them. I mask out ar­eas of the piece where my ren­dered fig­ure will over­lap the back­ground de­signs and use a tex­tured brush to soften some of the hard edges.

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