Ques­tion Can you help me create a light glow­ing within some­thing else in Pho­to­shop?

Sarah Davis, US

ImagineFX - - Imaginenation Artist Q&a -

An­swer Alix replies

The main chal­lenge here is de­ter­min­ing how the anatomy will in­ter­act with the light. Plan­ning out your in­ter­nal struc­tures be­fore you start paint­ing will en­able you to create a more be­liev­able ef­fect. Bones and large solid mus­cle forms will largely pre­vent the light from pass­ing through, cre­at­ing a dra­matic pat­tern within the shapes the light cre­ates.

Skin, which will mostly be translu­cent, will create brighter, hot­ter, re­gions of in­ter­est. In the case of all in­ter­nal forms, any­thing closer to the sur­face will have sharper, more de­fined edges pressed up against the skin, while the fur­ther away they are the more fuzzy their edges be­come.

In my ex­am­ple cre­ated in Pho­to­shop, I also used a con­trast­ing light­ing scheme – cool light cast on to a crea­ture with a warm in­ter­nal light – to ac­cen­tu­ate the forms with cool sur­face high­lights that read well next to the warm in­ner glow.

It can be nice to keep some ar­eas of flesh that are un­af­fected by the in­ner glow, such as the ex­trem­i­ties, to give the in­te­rior light­ing more im­pact.

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