Step-by-step: Dis­cover how to give a crea­ture a con­vinc­ing in­ter­nal glow

ImagineFX - - Imaginenation Artist Q&a -

1I want to main­tain a hu­manoid base anatomy that will oc­clude the light on the crea­ture’s in­sides. To be­gin, I take some pho­tos of a life-size skele­ton model and use it to draw out the place­ment for the in­ter­nal anatomy on top of my sketch.

2I plot out a Mul­ti­ply layer with a dark fill of the bones in front of a core light. I set the Opac­ity to 35 per cent and use a layer mask to erase out ar­eas the opaque body forms will cover, and soften the edges on the bones that would re­cede back in space.

3While most of the light­ing ef­fect is cre­ated with ren­der­ing of the spa­ces that are more trans­par­ent, I also use an Over­lay layer to create a stronger glow ef­fect in ar­eas that are closer to the light source, and spa­ces that have thin­ner flesh.

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