Rita Fei

Rita is a free­lance con­cept artist and il­lus­tra­tor based in Van­cou­ver, Bri­tish Columbia. She uses her art to bring to life the worlds and char­ac­ters she cre­ates in her mind.

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1 Ae rys “Dur­ing my grad year. I ex­plored how to keep the loose­ness of my pen­cil sketches, and coun­tered my dis­like of colour by try­ing out dif­fer­ent over­lays.”

2 Keepe r Thorn

“This il­lus­tra­tion de­picts a friend’s D&D char­ac­ter, a dragon-born war­rior, in all his bru­tal­ity and fe­roc­ity. I tried to keep the back­ground sim­ple, but still dy­namic.”

3 Gla­di­a­tor

“I wanted to de­velop a char­ac­ter that was bolder and brighter than I usu­ally do, as well as prac­tise be­ing cleaner with the over­all ren­der­ing. I learned quite a bit in the process.”

4 Cap­tain of the Bri­tish Ae rial Corps “This char­ac­ter was in­spired by the Te­meraire books by Naomi Novik, which is a fan­tas­tic fan­tasy/al­ter­nate­his­tory se­ries. I imag­ine her to ex­ist in the same uni­verse, but much later in time.”





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