Markus Stad­lober

Free­lance il­lus­tra­tor Markus gets his in­spi­ra­tion from RPG ses­sions. “A funny sit­u­a­tion, or one not go­ing as planned, can spawn a plethora of ideas," he says.

ImagineFX - - FX Pose -

1 Casterly Rock 1985

“Here’s Game of Thrones set in an al­ter­nate re­al­ity, where each house is a heavy metal band from the 80s. Casterly Rock was a no­brainer as the Lan­nis­ters’ band name.”

2 Life Steal

“A cursed be­ing, suck­ing the life out of its vic­tim to re­gain hu­man form. As there’s lots of fore­short­en­ing, I mod­elled the two fig­ures in 3D to use as a tem­plate.”

3 Shadow Pos­ses­sion

“A shadow-be­ing pos­sess­ing a vic­tim. I used a Painter Par­ti­cle brush to cre­ate the shad­owy veil around the pos­ses­sion cord.”

4 The Guardian

“This started as a doodle of a wild elf. I liked the sketch, so I started to de­velop a story around her. What could she be look­ing at?”





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