Trans­fer­ring a draw­ing

ImagineFX - - Traditional Artist -

Take your time when trans­fer­ring your fi­nal draw­ing. A strong draw­ing is the ba­sis of any good paint­ing, so don’t rush through this stage and have your work suf­fer. I think a grid is the best method be­cause it’ll re­in­force your draw­ing skills.

A grid is a use­ful draw­ing aid. Put a grid of the same ra­tio on your ref­er­ence and on your panel or can­vas, and it’ll make it eas­ier to cre­ate ac­cu­rate trans­fers. Char­coal pen­cil works well when draw­ing di­rectly on a panel or can­vas. Once that’s done, I’ll ink the draw­ing with In­dia ink and erase any lines that I don’t need. Car­bon pa­per is a use­ful tool. Pro­jec­tors work well, too. There’s no cheat­ing, but if you’re us­ing it as a crutch then you’re rob­bing your­self of a chance to de­velop your skills.

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