Step-by-step: Get some per­spec­tive

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Start by loosely draw­ing the amount 1 of fore­short­en­ing you want in a sketch from ei­ther your mind or ref­er­ence, but don’t use per­spec­tive lines. Just mess around un­til you have an amount of ex­ag­ger­a­tion that ex­presses what you’re go­ing for with the im­age. Now fig­ure out where the horizon line 2 and van­ish­ing point would be. Do this by ei­ther find­ing par­al­lel edges on an ob­ject (like around the gun) and find­ing a spot that they at least roughly point to, or cre­ate a van­ish­ing point on its own layer and try­ing it out around the horizon line. Then re­draw the im­age, but this time 3 us­ing your new per­spec­tive lines. As you paint, leave your per­spec­tive on its own layer, on a low Opac­ity: you’ll have a con­stant guide to make sure ev­ery­thing’s cor­rect in re­la­tion to one an­other. This will en­sure be­liev­able fore­short­en­ing.

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