Step-by-step: Us­ing 3D soft­ware to help cre­ate dra­matic shad­ows

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1 I use DAZ 3D to set up my scene, care­fully po­si­tion­ing all the cru­cial ele­ments so they can be lit up by a rel­a­tively nar­row area of light. The fur­ther I place the light source from the bars of the cell door, the less the shafts of light will fan out. Af­ter ren­der­ing in 3D, I use Pho­to­shop’s Stamp 2 fil­ter to cre­ate some­thing ap­prox­i­mat­ing a line draw­ing. I al­ways up­scale the res­o­lu­tion of the im­age first, be­cause I want the fil­ter to pre­serve as much de­tail as pos­si­ble. 3 I cre­ate a new layer and draw the finer details us­ing the Pen tool, putting more char­ac­ter in the face and making fixes to anatomy and cloth­ing. In this in­stance, with big block shad­ows cov­er­ing so much of the im­age, I barely had to do any draw­ing.

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