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The best art cre­ated us­ing tra­di­tional meth­ods, sent in by you.

Eu­ge­nia fell in love with mono­chrome art at an early age, re­veal­ing that, “The works of Dürer and Dore were so fas­ci­nat­ing in their brevity and beauty.”

1 The me rmaid

“I imag­ine sea crea­tures like mer­maids and oc­to­puses and think of var­i­ous sto­ries. Ev­ery art­work like this is an at­tempt to leave space for a fan­tasy in the ev­ery­day life.”

2 The Wolper­tinger

“Also known as a jack­a­lope, this myth­i­cal crea­ture re­sem­bles a hare with deer horns. The sym­bol is men­tioned nu­mer­ous times in the cul­tural legacy of var­i­ous coun­tries.” 3 The Wis­dom of Na­ture “I was in­spired by the slight feel­ing of fad­ing that ac­com­pa­nies the au­tumn months. But of course, ev­ery end is the be­gin­ning of some­thing new!”

4 Her Majesty Toad

“This draw­ing is a col­lec­tion of splen­did tex­tures. The skin of the toad, leaves, a mossy stone, flow­ers, a piece of wood… Ev­ery ob­ject here demands a sep­a­rate ap­proach.”


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