CorelDRAW Graph­ics Suite 2017

There’s a whole host of tools on of­fer, but it’s the epony­mous DRAW that you’ll want to get your artis­tic teeth into…

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Of all the tools on of­fer in Suite, it’s DRAW that you’ll want to get your teeth into.

CorelDRAW’s brushes can recre­ate the look and feel of nat­u­ral tools

CorelDRAW is of­ten over­looked by artists – it’s been long over­shad­owed by Adobe’s tools. But Corel is a fa­mil­iar name to dig­i­tal artists, and its Painter is a sta­ple among con­cept artists and il­lus­tra­tors.

For those un­aware, CorelDRAW is a vec­tor-draw­ing pro­gram. Any im­age you cre­ate is es­sen­tially made up of points and is in­fin­itely scal­able – un­like raster-for­mat art­work. And whereas vec­tor art is usu­ally associated with crisp, flat art­work, there’s a whole col­lec­tion of brushes within CorelDRAW that can recre­ate the look and feel of nat­u­ral tools.

CorelDRAW it­self is part of a bun­dle of tools – the CorelDRAW Graph­ics Suite – that in­cludes Photo-Paint, a web de­sign tool and more tem­plates, clip art and fonts than you can shake a paint­brush at.

Yet the tool you’ll be buy­ing this for is DRAW. So what’s in it for artists? Well, we touched upon the nat­u­ral me­dia tools – and the Artis­tic Me­dia tool is great – with a num­ber of cal­li­graphic brushes and pres­sure­sen­si­tive con­trols. CorelDRAW 2017 also has some ex­cel­lent new node con­trols, mean­ing you can tweak your lines and curves with ease.

But the big tool on of­fer here that artists will love is LiveSketch. This is a real in­no­va­tion in the world of vec­tor art that aims to give you a more nat­u­ral draw­ing environment and in some re­spects negate the need to sketch on pa­per and scan in. No mat­ter your draw­ing style, you’ll get a smooth line. You set a timer in the Prop­er­ties bar to de­ter­mine how long you have to ad­just your sketch be­fore it’s con­verted to vec­tor lines.

It sounds com­pli­cated but it’s very in­tu­itive with a sty­lus – it means you can ad­just the tim­ing to suit your style of draw­ing. It’s like noth­ing we’ve seen be­fore in a vec­tor app. It’s very, very cool in­deed. There’s also a new Tablet Mode for those sketch­ing on the likes of a Sur­face Book.

There’s a ton of other stuff here, too. Photo-Paint is a de­cent pho­toma­nip­u­la­tion app; there’s a ba­sic web de­sign tool, and some other stuff – like a Bar­code Wiz­ard – that you’ll prob­a­bly never use.

But it’s CorelDRAW that you’ll be buy­ing this for. And at £30 per month or £600 out­right it’s pretty ex­pen­sive. We wish you could buy CorelDRAW 2017 on its own, be­cause this is the real star of the show, and the pro­gram you’ll def­i­nitely want to try out.

The new LiveSketch tool aims to make cre­at­ing smooth lines easy, no mat­ter what your draw­ing style is. LiveSketch trans­forms your line art into vec­tor curves. It’s amaz­ing to see in prac­tice. Cus­tomised node edit­ing shapes gives you even more con­trol over tweak­ing your art.

The Artis­tic Me­dia brush is fan­tas­tic for cre­at­ing all-vec­tor painterly ef­fects – just as­sign a brush and start paint­ing nor­mally.

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