Bad-ass geisha girl

Con­cept artist Gen­naro Grazioso re­veals how he tack­les char­ac­ter de­sign to cap­ture the essence of a geisha girl

ImagineFX - - Editor’s Letter -

Artist Gen­naro Grazioso cre­ates a strik­ing and unique char­ac­ter con­cept in SketchBook Pro.

They say in­spi­ra­tion can be found any­where. I was just scrolling through Face­book one day when I came across a com­pe­ti­tion to de­sign a geisha or samu­rai char­ac­ter. That’s when my idea for Geiko be­gan to take shape.

A young geisha doll, driven by anger and re­venge, roams the streets as she takes down all the bad men that hurt peo­ple like her. She’s a geisha turned self-serv­ing samu­rai, a vig­i­lante within a danger­ous cy­ber­punk uni­verse.

I wanted to cap­ture a grungy dark ur­ban vibe, laced with el­e­gant tra­di­tional Ja­panese el­e­ments. The idea that kept com­ing up again and again was to make her ‘ bad-ass’. That’s the core essence of Geiko that I es­tab­lished early on and held on to un­til the very end.

Here, I’ll ex­plain how I de­vel­oped this Geiko il­lus­tra­tion, and my whole thought process and ap­proach to de­sign. You’ll pick up tips on how to push your ideas for­ward and craft the fi­nal de­tails. I want to leave you with con­cepts and meth­ods you can adapt and use in your own work. So let’s start with the most cru­cial bit…

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