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How newly em­pow­ered comic char­ac­ters in­spire artists…

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Your cover for is­sue one of Ms Mar­vel with Ka­mala Khan has be­come an iconic im­age. What was im­por­tant to you when you drew this cover?

Ms Mar­vel is such a great, em­pow­er­ing char­ac­ter, and it was im­por­tant to show her strength and de­ter­mi­na­tion. The ba­sic idea came from the book’s edi­tor, Sana Amanat, and I tried my best to draw a hope­ful and in­spir­ing im­age. When I first started work­ing in comics, I never would have imag­ined I’d be draw­ing a Pak­istani-Amer­i­can girl on the cover of her own comic.

What’s your over­all view on the greater di­ver­sity in comics that we are see­ing?

It’ll be a rocky road for the near fu­ture, as we try to push to­wards greater di­ver­sity. We’re used to the way things were, and change is al­ways dif­fi­cult for some. Our sto­ries need to re­flect the world we live in. Cre­atively and fi­nan­cially, it just makes sense to ac­knowl­edge di­ver­sity.

Do you think there’s enough di­ver­sity in the in­dus­try?

Cur­rently, no. But you can see the au­di­ence chang­ing, and the books are chang­ing, too. And I’ve seen so many hope­ful young artists at shows, and they’re not the usual faces any­more. I have no doubt that the in­dus­try will look very dif­fer­ent in 20 years, but it’s mostly a ques­tion of how quickly com­pa­nies em­brace real di­ver­sity, which will speed up that time­line.

Cliff has come to the fore as a lead­ing comic artist, with a long run on Won­der Woman, and now Pa­per Girls. www.clif­fchi­

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