I’ve just bought an iPad. Can you rec­om­mend any paint­ing tools for live sketch­ing ses­sions? Phillipp Aachen, Ger­many

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An­swer Lorena replies

Re­cently, I’ve got into the habit of tak­ing my iPad to live draw­ing ses­sions and mu­se­ums a lot. I’ve found Pro­cre­ate to be a great tool for sketch­ing, from quick ges­ture draw­ings to more de­tailed stud­ies.

There are dif­fer­ent ways to ap­proach sketch­ing dig­i­tally, just like with pen and pa­per. It takes some time get­ting used to all of the app’s set­tings and brushes, but once you get the hang of them, the process be­comes very easy.

I like to use the Pen­cil brushes, es­pe­cially for ges­ture draw­ings. When tilt­ing your pen you’ll be able to draw as if you were us­ing the flat side of a pen­cil. This is great for gen­er­at­ing the first cou­ple of marks, just to get down the flow of the fig­ure. These ges­ture stud­ies usu­ally only last between one and three min­utes.

When the poses last longer you can go for a full colour draw­ing. This is eas­ily achieved by us­ing a soft Fuzzy brush to blend in the colours and not get­ting caught up in de­tails early on. If you’re not com­fort­able work­ing di­rectly with colour just pro­duce a sim­ple line sketch first.

I blend colours with a Soft brush and work from big to small, be­fore add am­bi­ent oc­clu­sion and de­tail. The very last thing I do is clean things up with the Eraser and a Hard round brush. For the hair I keep or add soft edges.

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