Step-by-step: From rough sketch to a clean line art piece in Pro­cre­ate

ImagineFX - - Imaginenation Artist Q&a -

1 I de­cide to draw a masked char­ac­ter and start out with a loose and messy sketch. I also pre­fer do­ing line art on a grey back­ground so I change the back­ground layer by sim­ply tap­ping on it. Al­ways keep your rough sketch – you might need it later!

2 When you clean up the sketch don’t worry too much if the lines aren’t that great yet, be­cause this is just your fi­nal guide for the ac­tual line art. I like us­ing Ink­ing brushes for this stage, with the Stream­line set­ting re­duced quite a bit.

3 Tap two fin­gers on the layer with your clean sketch (in the Layer menu). A blue line will ap­pear above the can­vas. Slowly swipe left to re­duce the Opac­ity to the point where you can still see the sketch, but can draw over it eas­ily on a new layer.

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