Step-by-step: Build­ing up a sketch

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1 I take as much time as I need to an­a­lyse the weight and move­ment of the pose. And then, us­ing just a few lines, I sketch the ges­ture of the head and spine, shoul­der and pelvis, fol­lowed by the arms and hands, legs and feet.

2 I start flesh­ing out the ges­ture with the rib cage and add thick­ness to the fig­ure us­ing sim­ple out­lines to de­scribe ar­eas of shadow. I also take into ac­count any fore­short­en­ing and ad­just my line thick­ness for ar­eas in light and shadow.

3 With the re­main­ing time, I block in the shad­ows that I’ve mapped out, start­ing with a sin­gle flat tone. I then add mid­tones to turn the form and build up my range of val­ues un­til the end of the pose. I can use an eraser to add high­lights.

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