13 Emo­tive Back­grounds

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Un­like su­per­hero comics that have fully inked char­ac­ters, manga favours limbs that blur with mo­tion

One key dif­fer­ence between manga and other types of comic is the use of ab­stract back­grounds to match the at­mos­phere and the emo­tions of the char­ac­ters. Once the scene has had an es­tab­lish­ing shot of the phys­i­cal sur­round­ings, the back­grounds can be any­thing: lace­work and flow­ers to sig­nify a bud­ding ro­mance; flames if some­one is full of burn­ing rage; black shad­ows and swirling knots to con­vey in­ner tur­moil; or cook­ies and cakes when a char­ac­ter is ir­re­sistibly cute! This is par­tic­u­larly pop­u­lar in Shoujo and Jo­sei manga, which is aimed at girls and women.

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