8 Cre­at­ing the me­chan­i­cal gaunt­let

ImagineFX - - In Depth Concept Art -

I want to keep the essence of my sketch, so I use the base sil­hou­ette and start clean­ing it up, eras­ing panel lines in, and draw­ing ex­posed wires to make it feel more cus­tomised in­stead of be­ing built in a fac­tory. I flick back and forth with the S key through­out, draw­ing lines in and eras­ing where nec­es­sary. I re­alise that the sil­hou­et­ted gaunt­let is blend­ing in too much with her ki­mono, so I opt for a lighter ver­sion that helps to cre­ate a bet­ter read.

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