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The con­cept artist talks style, stress and shut­ting off

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Do you cre­ate art to es­cape?

Yes, usu­ally when I’m draw­ing or paint­ing a sub­ject I know well be­cause it’s easy to just shut off. How­ever, when you’re work­ing to a brief it can be stress­ful to try to kerb your ideas and style to fit cer­tain cri­te­ria. You have to keep checks on your­self, which can break the flow.

What’s the most stress­ful part of your job?

My art style is fluid and sketchy. I don’t spend time mak­ing sure each shape is per­fect be­cause I like the en­ergy that it has, so when I’m asked to do vec­tor-style work or tex­ture, I find it stress­ful to be so con­cise and uni­form. To deal with it, I slow my­self down as much as pos­si­ble and re­mind my­self that I’m still learn­ing.

What do you do when work or life gets a bit too much?

I tend to go for a wan­der around Lon­don and just take pho­tos. It re­minds me that the world is a spec­tac­u­lar place and I’m lucky to be here. I’m also paint­ing a mu­ral, which helps off­set my dig­i­tal art.

What ad­vice would you give other artists who are stressed?

I have a note­book that out­lines my life dreams, and breaks them down into things I want to achieve be­fore the year is out, then what I want to achieve in a few months’ time, then this month and then this week. This makes tasks a lot more man­age­able, and makes me feel like I’m achiev­ing some­thing.

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