Six ways to be mind­ful

Want to prac­tise mind­ful­ness? Try these bril­liant re­sources

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1 Com­pris­ing a web­site, app and book (Get Some Headspace: How Mind­ful­ness Can Change Your Life in Ten Min­utes a Day), the Headspace re­sources are made up of ad­vice, tips and 10-minute me­di­a­tion ex­er­cises from former Bud­dhist monk Andy Pud­di­combe.

The Art of Breath­ing: The Se­cret to Liv­ing Mind­fully

2 By Dr Danny Pen­man The award-win­ning au­thor has pro­duced a guide to let­ting go and find­ing peace, sim­ply by tak­ing the time to breathe.

Wher­ever You Go, There You Are

3 By Jon Ka­bat-Zinn An easy-to-fol­low starter book for new med­i­ta­tors, Jon Ka­bat-Zinn’s Wher­ever You Go, There You Are in­cludes prac­ti­cal ex­pla­na­tions on mind­ful­ness and aware­ness.

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spir­i­tual En­light­en­ment

4 By Eck­hart Tolle This is a man­ual for any­one who’s ever won­dered what ‘liv­ing in the now’ means, or how to free your­self of your ego.


5 This web­site of­fers free guides, ar­ti­cles and re­sources for prac­tic­ing mind­ful­ness. Run by Bod­hipaksa, a Bud­dhist teacher and au­thor, it’s packed with tips for get­ting more from med­i­ta­tion.

Mind­ful­ness for Cre­ativ­ity: Adapt, cre­ate and thrive in a fran­tic world

6 By Dr Danny Pen­man Artists can en­hance their cre­ativ­ity, prob­lem-solv­ing and de­ci­sion-mak­ing skills with the sim­ple mind­ful­ness tech­niques men­tioned in this book.

You need to cul­ti­vate an open mind that can gather and then in­te­grate new ideas

us­ing mind­ful­ness dis­solves anx­i­ety, stress and de­pres­sion.”

Bet­ter still, mind­ful­ness can be ex­tremely good for boost­ing your cre­ativ­ity. To see how this works, Danny sug­gests tak­ing a step back and ask­ing your­self: What do I need to do to be­come more cre­ative? He be­lieves it re­quires three things.

open your mind

“First, you need to cul­ti­vate an open mind that can gather and then in­te­grate new ideas. “Sec­ond, you need to con­sciously no­tice the new ideas cre­ated by your mind and re­alise their sig­nif­i­cance – oth­er­wise they’ll pass you by. And third, you need the courage to fol­low your ideas wher­ever they should lead – and the re­silience to cope with the in­evitable set­backs.”

Danny walks through a num­ber of med­i­ta­tions and ex­er­cises in his 2015 book, Mind­ful­ness for Cre­ativ­ity: Adapt, Cre­ate and Thrive in a Fran­tic World, which aims to help artists achieve all three ob­jec­tives.

One cre­ative who prac­tises mind­ful­ness is vis-dev and con­cept artist

Almu Re­dondo. She says mind­ful­ness is key to hav­ing an open mind and look­ing at the world in an ob­jec­tive way – which is what be­ing an artist is all about.

“In both my per­sonal and pro­fes­sional work, I pur­posely look for that mind­ful mo­ment in my brain in which ev­ery­thing flows and is re­laxed, but is also fo­cused and re­cep­tive at the same time,” Almu says, adding that mu­sic, rou­tine and ex­er­cise all help her achieve this state. “Have pa­tience,” she ad­vises. “Ev­ery­thing comes if you put in the hard work – and re­mem­ber to try and en­joy your­self while do­ing art.”

Lon­don-based con­cept artist Izzy Bur­ton agrees. “We do art be­cause we love it. If you find your­self be­com­ing stressed, take a step back and re­lax. Find a new way to ap­proach art that doesn’t stress you out. I’ve found phys­i­cal paint­ing with acrylics helps me stay cre­ative and calm when my dig­i­tal work gets too stress­ful. That’s my med­i­ta­tion.”

Spring is Com­ing is one of the first im­ages Bobby cre­ated after com­ing out of a re­cent “artis­tic slump”.

Espero is Si­mone’s grad­u­a­tion film. “Spend time with peo­ple,” he ad­vises. “And don’t for­get to lis­ten to them.” The Tur­tle Port. “I’m still look­ing for the per­fect ac­tiv­ity to re­lease stress,” says Francesco, who’s started box­ing. Char­ac­ter sketches. “Be­ing an artist is all about be­ing present and look­ing at the world through your own lens,” says Almu.

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