Step-by-step: Make use of Painter’s Brush Track­ing op­tion

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1 Painter’s brushes don’t al­ways be­have as ex­pected. This is cor­rected by set­ting the Brush Track­ing. This op­tion is found un­der Edit> Pref­er­ences> Brush Track­ing (Ctrl+Shift+,) on the PC and Corel Pain­ter20xx>P ref­er­ences> Brush Track­ing (Cmd+En­ter) on the Mac. 2 The Brush Track­ing win­dow ap­pears. With your sty­lus draw a stroke in the Scratch­pad. Vary the speed and pres­sure of your stroke from slow and light to fast and hard. A squig­gly line will give bet­ter re­sults than a quick straight line. The Pres­sure graph will up­date au­to­mat­i­cally. 3 Click OK. The re­sult­ing set­tings will be closer to your in­di­vid­ual sty­lus pres­sure. Also, try cus­tomis­ing brushes by check­ing Ap­ply to Cur­rent Brush Vari­ant box, and ex­per­i­ment with dif­fer­ent slid­ers. The Pres­sure graph will up­date. You’ll only need to set Brush Track­ing once.

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