think out­side the desert

Aaron over­came a range of cre­ative chal­lenges on this book cover project, and ended up with a port­fo­lio high­light

ImagineFX - - Interview Aaron Miller -

Some­times the hard­est projects that you take on end up be­ing the most re­ward­ing, and the chal­lenges in­volved can help de­velop you as an artist. This was par­tic­u­larly true with the cover im­age for Fires of the Desert, the fourth in the Chil­dren of the Desert series by US au­thor Leona Wisoker.

After read­ing the man­u­script, Aaron faced a co­nun­drum: de­spite its evoca­tive ti­tle, Fires of the Desert con­tained pre­cious few ex­am­ples of ei­ther flames or sand. “I re­call most of the scenes tak­ing place in an area that might re­sem­ble Italy,” ex­plains the artist.

“Blue was an im­por­tant colour. There was very lit­tle desert, and not much fire. I felt all of my ideas would be in con­flict with the ti­tle of the book, even though they were vis­ually fit­ting once read.”

After nu­mer­ous failed ideas, Aaron went back to the draw­ing board. “I asked some sim­ple ques­tions to my­self. I knew I ei­ther needed to show some fire, or use that colour scheme some­how,” he con­tin­ues. “Then I fo­cused on the char­ac­ter, and how she was in con­flict within the book, and the an­swers just flowed right out to a sim­ple thumb­nail.”

Although at the start Aaron was con­cerned that the flow­ing fab­ric would prove to be the big­gest chal­lenge to achieve, it turned out to be the most en­joy­able part of the process. “It was such a joy to work on,” he says.

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