Don Seeg­miller

This artist has seen Painter im­prove over the years…

ImagineFX - - Art Tools Software - Don’s pro­fes­sional ca­reer spans over 30 years. He started us­ing Painter when the first ver­sion was in­tro­duced.­sta­­miller_art

What new fea­tures in Painter 2018 do you like the most?

The new Thick Paint has to be my favourite. In ad­di­tion, I use a lot of tex­tures in my work and the new Tex­ture Syn­the­sis fea­ture makes it straight­for­ward for me to cre­ate one-of-a-kind tex­tures, pat­terns and pa­pers.

In the past, users have com­plained about the sta­bil­ity of the pro­gram. What do you think about that?

I gen­er­ally find that Painter is very sta­ble. Hav­ing taught with the pro­gram for a num­ber of years I’ve no­ticed that most sta­bil­ity is­sues are the re­sult of users who are un­fa­mil­iar with the pro­gram and try­ing to do some­thing that’s ei­ther heavy on ma­chine re­sources or that Painter wasn’t de­signed to do.

Painter seems to be a com­pli­cated pro­gram to learn. Any thoughts on that?

All pro­grams have a learn­ing curve. If you just open Painter and look around, then of course you’re go­ing to be frus­trated. My ad­vice is to pick one brush and cre­ate a paint­ing on the can­vas with­out any lay­ers. You’ll learn a lot from this ex­er­cise.

Are there any other sig­nif­i­cant im­prove­ments in the work­flow area that you think are worth men­tion­ing here?

I think that the most im­por­tant change in the work­flow is how Painter han­dles trans­parency. In the past, paint­ing on a trans­par­ent layer could be prob­lem­atic de­pend­ing on your choice of brush. This has been sig­nif­i­cantly ad­dressed, es­pe­cially in this ver­sion.

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