Alex Brock

With his art Alex wants to in­spire and em­power oth­ers, both cre­atively and in their per­sonal lives. “I’m in­flu­enced by metal and ambient mu­sic,” he says.

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1 High on the Hill

“The Black Ma­gus is on a hell-bent quest for knowl­edge, and re­quests the guid­ance of the Or­der of the Pen­e­trat­ing Eye. He’s hop­ing they won’t see his in­ten­tions through the ve­neer of a vir­tu­ous pur­suit.”

2 O to See the Sun Again

“I wrote a poem for this paint­ing that com­pares de­pres­sion with be­ing a vam­pire (very melo­dra­matic, I know). It talks about be­ing cursed to be­ing very averse to some­thing you once loved.”

3 Kaguul

“This is a de­mon ban­ished from hell to the mor­tal world, in the process of los­ing his pow­ers. It’s in­spired by Judeo-Chris­tian ide­ol­ogy and the Lesser Key of Solomon.”

4 Aw ake ned Her­ald

“This was a card I did for Hex of a fe­male her­ald. Her eyes shine white from the glow of the gems, and she stands qui­etly al­lur­ing yet men­ac­ing.”

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